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ACTive Local of November – AEGEE-Warszawa: “Organising local thematic activities is a great way to develop members’ leadership skills and contribute to the AEGEE’s vision”

AEGEE-Warszawa has been elected as ACTive Local of the month because of the activities that they organized for the European Day of Languages and the Week of Global Education, and also as recognition for their more than famous Christmas postcrossing. We talked with Mariana Gasparska and Vladyslav Obushko, two members of the Polish local, to know more about the activities… Read more →

Citizenship at its Grassroots: a Talk about Democracy and the Rule of Law in Warsaw

AEGEE-Warszawa and the European Citizenship Working Group have great things in store for this spring. With Citizenship at its Grassroots-European and Polish Perspectives, they want to explore the current situation of democracy and the rule of law in Europe and Poland during a three-days event in March. We reached out to Patrycja Figarska, from AEGEE-Warszawa, and Álvaro González Pérez and Jasmin… Read more →

Challenging AEGEE’s Vision?! An Event by AEGEE-Warszawa

We all know that “AEGEE strives for a democratic, diverse and borderless Europe, which is socially, economically and politically integrated […]”. But what kind of political and economic models do we have in mind when we say this? Are we federalists? Do we wish to see a Europe of regions? Is common currency the best way to go? European high-level politicians,… Read more →

“An Agora Seldom Comes Alone”: Discover the Pre-events of Autumn Agora Kyïv 2015

From the 14th to the 18th of October, one of AEGEE’s most important events, the Autumn Agora, will be held in Kyïv and as any seasoned AEGEE member knows: an Agora seldom comes alone. The main event is always accompanied by several pre-events that are organised  especially by dedicated antennae. This years participants had the opportunity to choose from five creative… Read more →

AEGEE-Warszawa Prepares to Give You a Pandatastic Network Meeting

The biggest events in AEGEE after Agorae and European Planning Meetings (EPM) are the Polish Network Meetings (NWM), which often gather more than hundred participants. This spring, AEGEE-Warszawa will be hosting the event from the 30th of April until the 3rd of May, being open to 100 participants. We spoke to main organiser Martyna Szustakowska and Network Commissioner in charge… Read more →

AEGEE-Aachen’s Colourful Participation in Their City’s Carnival Parade

Since only ten days, the carnival season in Germany is over. Many people went crazy, celebrated for days without a pause and of course, a lot of carnival parades took place. In Aachen, one of the most western cities of Germany, 35 AEGEEans took part in the three-hour-long procession and spread Europtimism throughout their motto “Europe is colourful, and it’s… Read more →

AEGEE-Warszawa brought Christmas to AEGEEans all over Europe

Last Christmas, AEGEE-Warszawa organised its third edition of their postcrossing action. 737 people joined the action and over 600 cards were sent out, bringing wonderful Christmas joy to AEGEEans all over Europe. We spoke to Marta Pąk, this year’s coordinator, to find out more about the great success!  “The first edition was organised in summer 2013 by big postcrossing fan… Read more →

Marta Wnuk for Network Commissioner: “Netcommies should be in a constant dialogue with people and listen to their ideas”

Marta Wnuk, 23, is currently board member of AEGEE-Warszawa and content manager of the Eastern Partnership Project. However, she has now decided to take another step forwarrd and run for Network Commissioner, having the Polish-speaking locals as her preference. A previous Subcommissioner of Mateusz Dokurno, she applied while the deadline for candidatures was extended, and here is what she can… Read more →

Summer University Think different: Get out of your comfort zone!

Everyone returned home, feeling eventually relaxed after two crazy-rushy-hasty-HAPPY weeks, but at the same time, reluctant even to upload photos, not talking about writing stories of the week. But how different it was just a week ago! Each morning started with some person (sometimes you did not even know who he or she was) bursting into your room saying some… Read more →