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AEGEE Fairies Getting Ready for Autumn Agora Budapest

At Spring Agora Enschede, The AEGEEan editor Patricia Anthony received the nickname ”AEGEE fairy” by fellow editor of The AEGEEan, Szabó Kata. A nickname that will stick, since she is taking up the challenge again. But this time, she will be joined by former “fairy” and current Financial Director of AEGEE-Europe, Anna Gots, as well as by the new “fairy” in town,… Read more →

Ilona Bogomolova for Audit Commission – Ready to accept the challenge

A new AGORA is approaching, a new set of candidates are preparing their speeches and getting ready to impress our AEGEEans with their ideas, perspectives and views. One of these candidates is Ilona Bogomolova, from AEGEE-Kyiv, who is aiming for a position in the Audit Commission. Besides this, there is also a new country which is anxiously awaiting to accept… Read more →

Packing The Agora Suitcase

Are you a first-time participant in an Agora and not sure what you should pack in your suitcase? Or have you been at the Agora many times but still manage to forget a handful of stuff each time you go? The AEGEEan editor Patricia Anthony had the latter issue and chose to do some research on what one ought to… Read more →

First look at Agora Budapest

On 20th January 2011 the Comité Directeur announced that AEGEE-Budapest has been chosen to host this year’s Fall Agora. This will be the third time for the antenna, after 1992 and 1995, to organise AEGEE’s biggest event. Preparations have already started, and we interviewed Márton Demeter, the main coordinator of Agora Budapest in order to find out what we should… Read more →