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AEGEE-Gdansk, Local of the Month of March: “If You Really Want to Do Something, You Will Find a Way”

Although AEGEE-Gdansk is a very small Antenna with very young members, the Polish Local got nominated as Local of the Month of March because they organised their first NWM, also followed by national mass media. Read this interview to the President Wiktoria Rajek and to Yevheniia Pavlenko and find out how you can prepare a perfect LTC in your Antenna.  … Read more →

LTCs Across the Network

There could be nothing more straightforward than a Local Training Course: it is a course, it is local, and you will be trained. Nevertheless, the most generic names can have the most varying results, and, because of this, no single LTC is the same. This is why the AEGEEan sat down with Alejandra Piot from AEGEE-A Coruña, Raquel Pastor from… Read more →

AEGEE-Skopje: the Macedonian Antenna Specialist in Organising TSUs

AEGEE-Skopje, the only antenna in Macedonia and with 70 members, has become well known for its Travel Summer Universities (TSU). We spoke with Maria Davceva, External Relations Responsible, who told us about the results of the last Winter Event, which the Macedonian antenna organised for the International Volunteer Day. She also explains their involvement in “Democracy in Practice”  and focuses on previous… Read more →

Local Training Courses Among the Network

New AEGEE members need to be motivated in order to get active and discover everything that the association has to offer them and what they can offer to, in order to both develop. That’s why, there is Local Training Course which is designed for locals that want to train and motivate their members. A weekend long training will combine the acquiring… Read more →

ACTive Local of the Month of July AEGEE-Tiranë: “Keep Focusing on Thematic Activities and on the Action Agenda”

The Action Agenda Coordination Team (ACT) is working to show the Network that the Action Agenda (AA) and the Strategic Plan (SP) are not enemies and each month choose an ACTive local. The local of July was congratulated for organising Local Training Course (LTC) and workshops that contributed to the AA. We interviewed the President, Erald Aga, to know more… Read more →

A New Strategy for AEGEE’s Internal Education

“It is more or less common ground that one of the weakest points of AEGEE is its internal education. In all levels of the association, active members are expected to bring results virtually without any training at all”. Although this might sound familiar to many AEGEEans, these words were taken from AEGEE’s draft project on internal education back in 1999.… Read more →

Proposals for Dummies 3: Redefining Local and Regional Training Courses

Local and Regional Training Courses (LTC and RTC) are key points of our organisation when it comes to internal learning. Our members learn from them, create bonds and it can serve as a start to think about running for a board position. With two proposals for Agora Asturias, the Comité Directeur (CD) along with the Network Commission (NetCom) wants to… Read more →

Local of the Month AEGEE-Chișinău: “When you have a great desire, everything is possible!”

Local of the Month of December is AEGEE-Chișinău, the only Moldovan local we have in our Network. Despite being a rather small local, they have had a month full of events and recognition, organising a LTC, helping the Election Observation Project with their mission in Moldova for the parliamentary elections and hitting the 13th place overall in the Summer University… Read more →

Power Up, Lyon!

Is there a better way to start a new year than with a great New Year’s resolution? With the Local Training Course (LTC) taking place from 10-11 of January 2014, Lyon’s AEGEE members charged their batteries with a lot of energy and motivation for the new year. A lot of goals have been set privately and within the antenna and… Read more →