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Stefano Dal Farra for SUCT: “The Key to The Decision to Running is The Passion For Summer Universities”

“I got to know AEGEE almost more than one and a half year ago, and since then I’ve always felt like it was meant to happen”. In his own words, Stefano Dal Farra is a 23-year-old Italian AEGEE enthusiastic from AEGEE-Udine. He graduated in Cultural Mediation and after a sabbatical year, where he discovered new realities and started to work… Read more →

Philipp Blum for SUCT: “It’s a Really Good Feeling to Help People to Have the Summer of Their Lives”

You might have seen him on stage during the Agora in Bergamo, or most probably if you organised or attended a Summer University. Philipp Blum, 25 years old and living in Aachen, is doing it again. After a term in the Summer University Coordination Team as Publication and IT responsible, he is running for a second one aiming to cover… Read more →

Ralitsa Mihaylova for SUCT: “Everyone Who has Participated in a SU Knows That It’s About Way More Than Just Travelling”

“If my house was on fire and I could only save one thing, it would be my fridge”. How to disagree with Ralitsa “Rali” Mihaylova from AEGEE-Berlin, one of the six candidates for a position in the Summer University Coordination Team. Bulgarian by birth, the 21 years-old Ralitsa joined AEGEE-Berlin in February 2015 and now she is the treasurer (and… Read more →

Proposals #5: NetCom Assistants, Envoys and former CD

Here are some proposals concerning the type of members of the Agora which will be made in the Agora Bergamo, denominated “Changing the participant type of Network Commission Assistants at Agora”, “Number of Envoys for Statutory Events”, “Sending former Comite Directeur members as envoys after the end of their term”. Changing the participant type of Network Commission Assistants at Agora Tekla… Read more →

How to Have the SUmmer of Your Life: A Comprehensive Guide

Every year since 1988 young Europeans have been able to have the summer of their lives. All the unforgettable experiences, positive emotions, gained skills, amazing memories and discovered places are possible because of Summer University project, the oldest and probably the brightest project of AEGEE. This time it is also more possible than ever, so we decided to gather some… Read more →

SUPS – The Road That Leads to a SUper Event

The Summer University Project School is going to take place this year in Catania from the 7th until the13th of March. The participants will learn all they need to know in order to organize the perfect Summer University. We asked Ioana Duca, Main Organizer of SUPS 2016 and Roberto Patanè, president of AEGEE-Catania and SUPS Responsible, about the event, so… Read more →

Create the SUmmer of Your Life!

2016 has officially started! Some people now get ready for Orthodox Christmas or still enjoy the New Year events, it is also the time to think about summer 2016, which appeals to be the SUmmer of your life. Since 1988, thousands of AEGEEans have been enjoying non-typical, mind-blowing vacations during summertime. Exploring, traveling, parties, fun, love, friends, nature – that… Read more →