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Christmas Around the Network

Have you ever noticed similarities between your country’s and other countries’ traditions for Christmas? There are many symbols attached to this holiday in Europe, and each country has kept its own identity and traditions, while enriching them with influences form various other sources. This diversity and richness prove the importance given by Europeans to the Christmas holiday. This year the AEGEEan… Read more →

AEGEE-Ankara on the establishment of a Youth Council in Turkey

On the 13th of July 2014, a Youth Council was established in Turkey, giving almost 30 different youth organizations the chance to cooperate between them. Among them, there is also AEGEE, represented for now by AEGEE-Ankara. The AEGEEan spoke to Turgut Tosun and Oğuz Tosun, member of the coordination group and boardmember of AEGEE-Ankara, to find out more. On the 13th of… Read more →

Human Rights in Turkey’s East

On Europe’s borders, human rights violations are happening on a daily basis. People are beaten, jailed, tortured and killed for mostly political reasons. But what do Western media share about it? … exactly. So if you want any information, you have to look for it yourself. Here’s a short report from two AEGEE members who went to see it with… Read more →

SU Story of the week: Let’s discover the pearl of the Aegean with a SUnkiss

What  are your expectations of Izmir? What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear  the name of this city? Almost all of participants  prejudged Izmir, Turkish culture and Summer Universities. Within the scope of this project, they learned about the Turkish culture and also tasted Turkish food during colourful activites. One of the workshops was… Read more →

Towards Peace Building – Small steps, Big vision!

“…Children’s games in the streets were suddenly interrupted but they wanted to play more with their Armenian friends, they wanted to listen together to tales of their grandparents in the dusty streets of Van, Kars and Bitlis. Without telling the reason why our Armenian friends left, they taught us to forget 24 April, to forget the games we played and the stories… Read more →