NWM-Leiden: Love Is in the Air 

This November AEGEE-Leiden is organising the Network Meeting (NWM) ”Lexit: Break away from your regular life”. Saramijn Luyken, European Affairs Officer, took the time to explain why this NWM will surely be a memorable one.     Could you tell us a bit about the history AEGEE-Leiden has with NWM? Saramijn: This is the third NWM we will be hosting in… Read more →

Are You a NWM Newbie? AEGEE-Ploieşti Comes to Your Help!

AEGEE-Ploieşti, a small, but brave Romanian local is the first antenna to open the Network Meeting (NWM) season this year. Their event, “NWM Ploieşti 2016-Racking up milestones”, will grab your attention for sure. Even with the event approaching fast, the Main Coordinator, Alin Georgescu, took time to answer a few questions.   The AEGEEan: What does a NWM mean? Alin :… Read more →

LeaderSHIP in NWM Bratislava 2016

LeaderSHIP NWM Bratislava 2016 – ‘Lead your crew on Danube’ is the name of a network meeting, organised by the only Slovak-speaking-antenna in April 2016. As the name suggests, the NWM focused on soft-skills related to leadership and their application in practice, either within AEGEE or in professional life. “AEGEE-Bratislava is a small antenna with modest experience in organising international… Read more →

AEGEE-Santander Organises Again a NWM and it’s Above and Below Water

Don’t miss the chance to join AEGEE-Santander’s Network Meeting happening this spring. They are organising it for the second time and it is taking place between the 7th and the 10th of April, in their beautiful city in Spain. We talked with the president of the local, Marta Vila Cortavitarte, to give us a little information about what they are preparing for this… Read more →

AEGEE-Mainz-Wiesbaden organises a Network Meeting beyond borders

After attending Network Meeting (NWM) Berlin, some members of AEGEE-Mainz-Wiesbaden thought it would be great to organise a NWM themselves. They didn’t just get the chance to organise a NWM, but also to organise a NWM different from the others. NWM Mainz-Wiesbaden is not organised by the Network Commissioner responsible for AEGEE-Mainz-Wiesbaden, making it the first NWM that proves the vision… Read more →

You’d Better Save the Date for NWM Voronezh!

Voronezh, located roughly halfway between Moscow and Rostov-on-Don, is hosting one of the ten Network Meetings this spring. The programme’s sneak peak is enticing, the members of AEGEE-Voronezh are motivated, and their mascot is adorable. For a closer look on this event from 07/04 till 10/04  we turn to former NetCommie, and organiser of this NWM, Natalia Ivleva.   The… Read more →

NWM Istanbul, the Bridge Between Europe and Asia

AEGEE-Istanbul is located in a city historically considered as the door of the East. That is reflecting in the name (EurAsian Cooperation) they give to the Network Meeting they are organising from the 23rd to the 27th of March. We interviewed Ahmet Hallaçeli and Dermanşah Yalın from AEGEE-İstanbul to know more about their event.    The AEGEEan: Tell us more about your local.… Read more →