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A Night Run in the Heart of Moldova

On the past 24th of March, AEGEE-Chişinău organised a run which involved not just students and teenagers but people of all ages. Here you can find all pictures of this very successful event. We interviewed Nadejda Hadjivu, from the Moldovan local, who told us more about it.   The AEGEEan: Can you tell us something about the “Neon Night Run”? Why… Read more →

Member of the Month Ana Gancearuc: “The Best Moment Was Seeing People Happy During the Agora”

If you attended Autumn Agora Chișinău, you might have seen this girl with distinctive blonde curly hair and blue eyes giving you badges, running around the plenary hall and always smile to everybody. She is Ana Gancearuc, part of the core team and Incoming Responsible of the Agora. Her efforts, along with the entire team, didn’t stay unnoticed and she… Read more →

An HRES-SU? (A Song of HRES and Chișinău pt. 2)

Back in November 2015, AEGEE-Chișinău intended to provide courses in Human Resources at the Human Resources European School (HRES), which got postponed until this Summer. For this edition, however, the HRES is combined with the SU of AEGEE-Chișinău, and you can choose to merely follow the ‘HRES bit’ of the SU, and you can combine the ‘HRES bit’ or AEGEE-Chișinău’s entire… Read more →

A Song of HRES and Chișinău

One of the best part of being in an active and engaging group is that everyone can help each other reach their full potential in order to make the most use of each individual’s assets. This process is also known as Human Resources. After organising Local Training Courses (LTC) and Regional Training Courses (RTC), AEGEE-Chișinău decided to help people become… Read more →

“An Agora Seldom Comes Alone”: Discover the Pre-events of Autumn Agora Kyïv 2015

From the 14th to the 18th of October, one of AEGEE’s most important events, the Autumn Agora, will be held in Kyïv and as any seasoned AEGEE member knows: an Agora seldom comes alone. The main event is always accompanied by several pre-events that are organised  especially by dedicated antennae. This years participants had the opportunity to choose from five creative… Read more →

Local of the Month AEGEE-Chișinău: “When you have a great desire, everything is possible!”

Local of the Month of December is AEGEE-Chișinău, the only Moldovan local we have in our Network. Despite being a rather small local, they have had a month full of events and recognition, organising a LTC, helping the Election Observation Project with their mission in Moldova for the parliamentary elections and hitting the 13th place overall in the Summer University… Read more →

Moldovan elections: what was at stake, what we observed, and what might happen

On the 1st of December, Moldova woke up with the results of the parliamentary elections that would decide the direction that this small landlocked country would have taken. Bordering a European Union member state (Romania) and Ukraine, Moldova faces a similar challenge as their Eastern Partnership neighbours: keeping their ties with Russia, or pushing towards Europe? Arrived in Chișinău, one could… Read more →