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Anna Gumbau: “In AEGEE you don’t know which opportunities will be knocking at your door”

In the past year, The AEGEEan was in the hands of Anna Gumbau Martinez (AEGEE-Barcelona), who was a very caring Editor-in-Chief. Although Erika Bettin (AEGEE-Venezia) was elected to take over, this doesn’t mean Anna will become inactive! While she will stay active for The AEGEEan, she is also a member of the board of AEGEE-Barcelona, the Anniversary Team and the… Read more →

Key to Europe – bosses at glance

The AEGEEan met Erika and Svenja, the two Co-Editor-in-Chief of the Key to Europe. Funny and professional, these girls answered all our questions to let us know something more about them. Hello Kitty and fairy tales, dynamic and crazy: discover how they enjoy writing and what their plans in life are. The AEGEEan – Name, Surname, Local and your favourite… Read more →

Member of the Month: Stephanie Müller – ‘AEGEEan was the best decision in my AEGEE life’

It is hard to say ‘former editor-in-chief’of the AEGEEan. Hard, because I remember how it all started, how we chose Stephanie and how I took People’s section because there was nothing else left (the greatest ‘punishment’ for being late). Now – a year and a half later – everything looks different. The AEGEEan is well-known, follows strict standards for publishing… Read more →

Time to say Goodbye!

Dear AEGEEans, I remember like it was yesterday when I applied to an open call issued by the Public Relations Committee (PRC) to create an online magazine for our beloved organisation. For me totally unexpected I was selected as editor-in-chief and from that moment onward I had the task to create a magazine, which would be interesting for our Network… Read more →

An idealistic Members’ Manual

“Back in 2003, when I didn’t know about NetCom, when the board of my antenna didn’t have the answers to my questions, I’ve read the Members’ Manual. That was the second best thing I’ve ever done in AEGEE!”, those are the incisive words expressed by Michele Turati on AEGEE forum. Hopefully, a lot of new and old members will find… Read more →