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Fund Raising European School in Eskisehir: “We’ll Put the FUN into Fundraising!”

AEGEE-Eskişehir was our Local of the Month of December, and the Turkish antenna is in full swing organising local events, but also international ones. It signed the Convention d’Adhesion in 2001 during Autumn Agora Ankara, organising the Balkans Regional Meeting one year later. Their activities are local projects, thematic events, Summer Universities, Network Meetings and weekly meetings on every Wednesday with… Read more →

Local of the Month October: Team Building is the Key for AEGEE-Barcelona

AEGEE-Barcelona is one busy antenna! They have meetings every Saturday where they meet, socialize and discuss the future of their antenna. In one of those meetings a while ago, they decided to host Fundraising European School (FRES) and it is that particular event that has made them become the Local of the Month of October. The AEGEEan interviewed Clàudia Nogués, who… Read more →

AEGEEans and friends learning about fundraising with AEGEE-Barcelona

Next week from September 27th until October 5th AEGEE-Barcelona will be hosting Fundraising European School for 18 participants – the best way to say goodbye to summer holidays and stay motivated in AEGEE. And hopefully it will still be sunny and warm! AEGEE-Barcelona is a large antenna of around 80 members and depending with the level of activity and the academic… Read more →

Press for PRES: Ready for a challenging European School?

Every year the Academy, in cooperation with the Public Relations Committee, organises a one week training: the Public Relations European School (PRES). This event is an unique opportunity to develop skills in terms of PR strategy and in particular in the fields of corporate identity, presentation techniques and development of PR materials. This year, PRES will take place in Poznań,… Read more →

The AEGEE-Academy: A Phoenix Rising from the Ashes

Ever since its establishment in 1999, the AEGEE Academy has been working hard to develop and strengthen the human resources of AEGEE and to stimulate the motivation of its members, by providing them with non-formal learning experiences. Last April the new board of the Academy was elected, starting their term on the 1st of June after their Knowledge Transfer. Next… Read more →

ITES 2014 – “Stop reinventing the wheel!”

During AEGEE’s European Schools (ES) everyone gets inspired and even more motivated. These trainings have a unique, empowering atmosphere, yet the value of the experience can only be understood after attending one. The Information Technology Committee (ITC) in cooperation with AEGEE-León is organizing an Information Technology European School (ITES) in May, 25-30. The AEGEEan interviewed Giuseppe Colicchia (Peppe), speaker of… Read more →

Improve yourself again and again

A multi-time AGORA visitor, an even more-time workshop presenter, Fabian Brüggemann is at it again. Get ready to join his “Improve yourself” workshops among the possibilities at AGORA Zaragozaaaaaaa. Just as the ideas he presents, Fabian also never stops improving himself. With 11 AGORAE behind him and 12 workshops done, he keeps learning something new. All this started with a… Read more →

“U” Improves You

Let’s illustrate an image together, shall we? Let’s imagine people getting together to develop themselves. Self-realization through different exercises, and getting to know yourself in the present: who you are, your environment, and how it influences you. Then, realizing your past through different techniques, and learning to cherish the good times and letting go of the bad. Finally, looking into… Read more →