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Today’s interviews: Veronika Chmelárová, Lisette Kunst, Giuseppe Aquilino, Monika Mojak

Like every year, The AEGEEan is giving a platform to candidates for a position in the European Level boards and commissions of our association to answer to some questions in order to present themselves. This year, we established a cooperation with the Golden Times and, together with his Editor Gunnar Erth, former and current journalists of our magazine will interview… Read more →

Florian Hauger for Secretary General: “I Could Help Our Bodies Develop Their Ideas as Well as Making Them Recognised in Brussels”

Florian Hauger is a member of AEGEE-Heidelberg and the current president of the local. His experience in the local and as assistant to a Member of Parliament of Baden-Württemberg helped him decide to run for this position. We asked him some questions in order to find out more about him and his wish to become the next Secretary General. The… Read more →

Katarzyna Sokołowska for Secretary General: “My Friends Support My Decision”

Katarzyna Sokołowska (just Kasia for friends) has been a board member of AEGEE-Krakow, responsible for fundraising. The experience that she gained from her antenna and her internship at the Council of Europe motivated her to dedicate one year to the association in the AEGEE house. Here are the questions The AEGEEan had for the current Interim Secretary General who is running… Read more →

Svenja van der Tol for Secretary General: “There is Always a Way for Doing Things, Even if it May Look Impossible”

Here we met Svenja again, running for a second term as Secretary General. Member of AEGEE-Nijmegen since 2012, she already had experience on the European level being Editor of The AEGEEan, Co-Editor-in-Chief of the Key to Europe and Secretary of the Agora. Between new ideas and unicorns, she’s ready to step on again and commit for another year for AEGEE. Let’s meet her and… Read more →

Meet the New Comité Directeur 2015-2016

The closing of Agora Asturias 2015 brought the newly elected Comite Directeur with it, composed of seven people who will begin their mandate on the 1st of July: President Aleksandra Kluczka (AEGEE-Kraków), Secretary General Svenja van der Tol (AEGEE-Nijmegen), Financial Director Ander Guerrero Ruiz (AEGEE-Zaragoza),  and as Member of Comité Directeur: Anna Gumbau (AEGEE-Barcelona), Pablo Hernández Rodríguez (AEGEE-Thessaloniki/Alicante) and Réka… Read more →

Andrea Ugrinoska for Secretary General: “I am a Person Who Likes to Think Outside the Box”

It was a run for three, but, after the current Secretary General (SG) withdrew her candidature, only two will present themselves and both are currently in the Chair Team. Vice-Chairperson of the Agora/European Planning Meeting (EPM), Andrea Ugrinoska, is a Macedonian 22-year-old who believes AEGEE is a gift. We interviewed her to learn more about her programme. The AEGEEan: Please… Read more →

Svenja van der Tol for Secretary General of AEGEE-Europe: “Just Like Me, My Programme Is All About Appreciating the Good and Improving What Can Be Better.”

From local to European. This is the journey that every active AEGEEan dreams about and this is what Svenja van der Tol is trying to realise applying for the position of Secretary General of AEGEE-Europe. Read on to discover more about her candidature, but also about her life, experience and personality. The AEGEEan: Introduce yourself. How old are you? Where… Read more →

Introducing our new Comité Directeur

After two years with the same Comité Directeur, the Agora elected on the 3rd of May the six people who are going to live in the CD house and work for the association for the next 12 months. Paul Smits (AEGEE-Enschede), Antonija Parat (AEGEE-Zadar), Aleksandra “Ola” Kluczka (AEGEE-Kraków), Holger Shmitt (AEGEE-Berlin), Ivan Bielik (AEGEE-Brno) and Mayri Tiido (AEGEE-Tartu) are our new… Read more →