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Firdevs Çazım Member of the Month – Summer Edition: “In the Name of Hope and Happiness, AEGEE Never Ends”

If you’re looking for ambition with a loving smile, look no further than Firdevs Çazım of AEGEE-Hatay. From the moment she gets up, she dedicates herself to the improvement of everything she loves. There is no end to how wonderful she makes the world around her, and that’s why she is, deservingly, the Member of the Month.   The AEGEEan:… Read more →

Member of the Month of June Adonis Meggos: “All the Energy Comes Directly from my Teams”

In June another distinguished Member of AEGEE was selected as Member of the Month. We are talking about Adonis Meggos, AEGEE-Peiraias. Check out his interview! The AEGEEan: Congratulations! How does it feel to be nominated Member of the Month? Adonis: Thank you very much! I feel honoured and glad that my contribution to this association is recognised. I am a member of… Read more →

Member of the Month Suzan Dilara Tokac: “Any Sacrifice That’s Been Done For AEGEE, Shall Never Be a Compunction!”

It was never done before! During Spring Agora Bergamo we presented all the past recipient of Local and Member of the month from Autumn Agora Kyïv. Among those there was Suzan Dilara Tokaç, from AEGEE-Eskisehir, who discovered she won the award for the Member of the Month of April live, during the closing plenary. She was nominated for her outstanding work… Read more →

Member of the Month for February: Fabrizio Bellicano, the IT Expert Behind the New Intranet System

He describes himself as a stoic, stubborn and attractive person and he is the creator and developer of the Online Membership System (OMS) which will replace the old Intranet. Fabrizio Bellicano is our Member of the Month for February and in this article he explained to us how the Online Membership works and how it can change AEGEE in the… Read more →

Member of the Month Naira Pérez Rodriguez: “Ideas Move the World and I Want to Move It”

When we ask AEGEEans to nominate someone who did something important during a specific month, we often received nominations with the same name from five/six people. We never experienced an overwhelming number of nominations like we did with the Member of the Month of March: 25 in total! All with the name Naira N. Pérez Rodriguez from AEGEE-Tenerife. She was… Read more →

Member of the Month Oğuz Kaan Kahraman: “We Are all Working For a Better World, For a Better Future”

It’s time to introduce you our Member of the Month of January! His name is Oğuz Kaan Kahraman and is the Vice-President of AEGEE-Istanbul. His enthusiasm in working both in his local and in AEGEE-Europe projects didn’t pass unnoticed. Here is his interview!   The AEGEEan: Please, introduce yourself. Oğuz Kaan: I am Oguz Kaan from wonderful İstanbul, 22 years… Read more →

Member of the Month Shams Mammadli: “We Don’t Need Any Words to Share Our Love.”

Our Member of the Month of December must be the youngest recipient ever. She is just 18 and she is the Public Relation Responsible of AEGEE-Bakı. We chose her because she was in charge of the “Love has no language” project, in the framework of AEGEE-Bakı’s Language Working Group.   The AEGEEan: Who is Shams? Shams: I am Shams Mammadli,… Read more →

Member of the Month of November Andrei Dodița: “I Love Challenges That Seem Hard to Achieve”

Andrei Dodița is currently the president of AEGEE-Chișinău for the second time in a row, being a member of AEGEE for two years. He has contributed significantly in his local by organising the Local Training Course “Be Efficient” where AEGEE-Chișinău won a grant supported by the Ministry of Youth and Sports. He also organised a pre-event for Autumn Agora Kyiv… Read more →

Jana Vedlova Member of the Month of June: “Being Active Almost For Five Years It’s a Long Time, Time of My Life”

Lenka Stancelová from AEGEE-Bratislava said about her: “She has lots of great ideas, and the great thing is that she makes them true as well. She is always full of energy, actually I have never met such an energetic person with such a great attitude!” and in June we decided to reward it with the Member of the Month Award.… Read more →