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Disability Awareness Campaign: MS Awareness Week

Dr. Vasiliki Garopoulou M.Sc.’s., Ph.D., P.D. is an Adapted Physical Exercise & Sport Science Educator and Neurorehabilitation & Medical Exercise Specialist. She holds 2 Post-Doc degrees, 2 Postgraduate Diplomas from A.U.Th Neurosciences Medical School, 2 postgraduate – vocational training certificates abroad. She also has a PhD in the Laboratory of Developmental Medicine & Special Needs Education in collaboration with the… Read more →

Eyes from space to monitor climate change

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”, those are the words declared by María Fernanda Espinosa Garcés, President of the United Nations General Assembly at the COP 24 in Katowice (Poland), summarizing how essential satellites are for coping climate emergencies. A vast network of satellites links all the continents to each other by providing undiscussable services to society.… Read more →

Member of the Month – Julian van Loo: “AEGEE is the place where you can shape yourself, your values and your world view.”

Do you AEGEEans know of those rare occasions when you encounter a piece of writing that is so raw in emotion that you can feel the enthusiasm in every letter? Well, this interview is one of those! And to make things even better, it is about AEGEE and the incredible ways in which it can shape someone’s life! Of course,… Read more →

Local of the Month – AEGEE Heidelberg “An AEGEE event every other day, will keep [your] worries far away.”

Small, quiet, and with the sexiest penguin alive as its mascot, here comes AEGEE-Heidelberg. It is always incredibly inspiring to come across antennas that may be small but have as big a spirit as any! Heidelberg faces its challenges with creativity, enthusiasm, and great poetic skill – check the end of the article if you want proof. It believes in… Read more →

Disability Awareness Campaign: World Autism Awareness Day

On the occasion of World Autism Awareness Day, the Social Equity Working Group of AEGEE Europe interviewed a kinesiologist (K) at Center for Autism, Zagreb, Croatia and a speech therapist (ST) at Special hospital for the protection of children with neurodevelopmental and motor disabilities, Croatia to learn more about the disability.  If you need to define Autism as a disorder,… Read more →

Climate Refugees: so close to the goal, so far from living with rights.

The annual displacement of millions of persons around the globe due to environmental disasters must be addressed. More and more individuals are facing droughts, famines, floods, fires and so on, of increasing intensity. They just must leave the place they call home, for a better future. The journey is often uncertain, characterized by crossings in risky and unstable areas. Even… Read more →

Political Activism Working Group: “The normalisation of online events has broadened the opportunities to engage (young) Europeans differently”

“Political Activism Focus Area aims to inform young people about the realities of European politics and society and provide them with the tools necessary to become independent citizens able to act.” ( Ever felt like it was impossible to fit other people into your schedule? Well, it’s something you have in common with this working group! But despite the difficulties… Read more →

Mental Health Working Group: “Mental health was always an extremely important topic that wasn’t getting enough attention”

“Mental Health Focus area aims to act against mental health stigmatisation and support mental well-being. While tackling the topic of mental well-being, promote awareness and offer support networks and tools. More attention to mental well-being and a safer space inside AEGEE” ( These people have only been working together for six months, but there is no denying the fact that… Read more →

“AEGEE has absorbed me fully” ~ Member of the Month, January 2021, Ruslan Kvitnevyi.

“Excuse me, is this a joke? I can’t be a member of the month, I’m not THAT active.” (Ruslan Kvitnevyi, 2021) I honestly believed that I had found myself with no person to interview and that this January would be member-of-the-month-less. But it turns out our interviewee is just like that, such a modest person – and admittedly, has a… Read more →