Local and Member of the Month

AEGEE-Barcelona, our Local of the Month of October 2014

Every month, The AEGEEan elects a Local and Member of the Month, rewarding them for the work they did for AEGEE. Do you think a local or member of AEGEE did outstanding in the past month? Nominate your Member of the Month and Local of the Month with our forms! 

Some general rules:

– Anyone can nominate locals and members, but voting is done by the members of The AEGEEan.

– You can’t nominate yourself or your own local to become Local or Member of the Month, neither can you nominate a member of your own team.

– Comité Directeur members can’t be nominated for work they do within AEGEE.

– Locals or members who have been elected, can’t be elected again for another year.

– Locals and members must be nominated for something they did in the past month and finished, so a local organising an Agora can only be nominated for it the month after and someone can’t be nominated for being elected for a function, but for the work they did within this function.

– If you want to nominate a local for something they did that is related to the Strategic Plan and/or Action Agenda, you can also send your nomination to ACT at act@aegee.org, which elects the ACTive Local of the Month out of the locals who contributed to the thematics of AEGEE.

If you want to see a map of all the LoMs, MoMs, and ACTive LoMs? Click here.


Locals, Members and ACTive Locals of the Month 2016

AEGEE-Ploieşti, LoM September

Francesca Amelia Zorcolo (AEGEE-Cagliari), MoM November


AEGEE-Chișinău, LoM October

Ana Gancearuc (AEGEE-Chișinău), MoM October


AEGEE-Ploieşti, LoM September

Katharina Jiménez Weese (AEGEE-Bamberg), MoM September

AEGEE-Baki, ACTive LoM September


AEGEE-Podgorica, LoM Summer Edition

Firdevs Çazım (AEGEE-Hatay), MoM Summer Edition

AEGEE-(), ACTive LoM August

AEGEE-Madrid, ACTive LoM July



AEGEE-Moskva, ACTive LoM June

AEGEE-Utrecht, LoM June

Adonis Meggos (AEGEE-Peiraias), MoM June

AEGEE-Moskva, ACTive LoM June


AEGEE-Bergamo, LoM May

Taha Korhan Salan (AEGEE-Hatay), MoM May

AEGEE-Hamburg, ACTive LoM May


AEGEE-Voronezh, LoM April

Suzan Dilara Tokaç (AEGEE-Eskişehir), MoM April

AEGEE-Wien, ACTive LoM April



Naira N. Pérez Rodríguez (AEGEE-Tenerife), MoM March

AEGEE-Maribor, LoM March

Naira N. Pérez Rodríguez (AEGEE-Tenerife), MoM March

AEGEE-Cagliari, ACTive LoM March


AEGEE-Leiden, LoM February

Fabrizio Bellicano (AEGEE-Genova), MoM February

AEGEE-Aachen, ACTive LoM February


AEGEE-Peiraias, LoM January

Oğuz Kaan Kahraman (AEGEE-Istanbul), MoM January

AEGEE-Izmir, ACTive LoM January




AEGEE-Zaragoza, LoM December

Locals, Members and ACTive Locals of the Month 2015

AEGEE-Zaragoza, LoM December

Shams Mammadli (AEGEE-Bakı), MoM December

AEGEE-Canterbury, ACTive LoM December


AEGEE-Tartu, LoM November

Andrei Dodita (AEGEE-Chișinău), MoM November

AEGEE-León, ACTive LoM November


AEGEE-Aachen, LoM October

Alessandro D’Ettorre (AEGEE-Leuven), MoM October

AEGEE-Ploiești, ACTive LoM October



AEGEE-Lviv, ACTive LoM September

AEGEE-Kyïv, LoM September (Agora Edition)

Philipp Blum (AEGEE-Aachen), MoM September (Agora Edition)

AEGEE-Lviv, ACTive LoM September


AEGEE-Osnabrück, LoM Summer Edition

Matthijs Dirks (AEGEE-Nijmegen), MoM Summer Edition

AEGEE-Castelló, ACTive LoM August

AEGEE-Tiranë, ACTive LoM July



Jana Védlová (AEGEE-Brno), MoM June

AEGEE-Passau, LoM June

Jana Védlová (AEGEE-Brno), MoM June

AEGEE-Zagreb, ACTive LoM June


AEGEE-Eskişehir, LoM May

Lisa Gregis (AEGEE-Bergamo), MoM May

AEGEE-Sofia, ACTive LoM May


AEGEE-Athina, LoM April

Damien Latacz (AEGEE-Aachen), MoM April

AEGEE-Kraków, ACTive LoM April



AEGEE-Burgos, LoM March

AEGEE-Burgos, LoM March

Maarten de Groot (AEGEE-Amsterdam), MoM March

AEGEE-Utrecht, ACTive LoM March


AEGEE-Lyon, LoM February

Ruben Navarro (AEGEE-Tarragona), MoM February

AEGEE-Alicante, ACTive LoM February


AEGEE-Sankt-Peterburg, LoM January

Pablo Hernández Rodríguez (AEGEE-Alicante/AEGEE-Thessaloniki), MoM January

AEGEE-Amsterdam, ACTive LoM January




AEGEE-Heraklio, ACTive LoM December

Locals, Members and ACTive Locals of the Month 2014

AEGEE-Chișinău, LoM December

Svenja van der Tol (AEGEE-Nijmegen), MoM December

AEGEE-Heraklio, ACTive LoM December


AEGEE-Cagliari, LoM November

Anna Pykhtina (AEGEE-Kyïv), MoM November


AEGEE-Barcelona, LoM October

Sabina Guja (AEGEE-Cluj-Napoca), MoM October



Arsenis Tselengidis (AEGEE-Thessaloniki), MoM September

AEGEE-Brno, LoM September

Arsenis Tselengidis (AEGEE-Thessaloniki), MoM September


AEGEE-Nijmegen, LoM August

Mattia Abis (AEGEE-Cagliari), MoM August


AEGEE-Udine, LoM July

Erika Bettin (AEGEE-Venezia), MoM July



AEGEE-Beograd, LoM June

AEGEE-Beograd, LoM June

Costas Deltouzos (AEGEE-Patra), MoM June


AEGEE-Leiden, LoM May

Klaudia Brzywcy (AEGEE-Gdańsk), MoM May


AEGEE-Cluj-Napoca, LoM April

Lavinia Manea (AEGEE-Bucuresti), MoM April



Fotis Pastrakis (AEGEE-Kastoria), MoM March

AEGEE-Leuven, LoM March

Fotis Pastrakis (AEGEE-Kastoria), MoM March


Ukranian Locals, LoM February

Peppe Colicchia (AEGEE-Pisa), MoM February


AEGEE-Rostov-na-Donu, LoM January

Laura Lopez (AEGEE-Oviedo), MoM January




AEGEE-Zaragoza, LoM December

Locals and Members of the Month 2013

AEGEE-Zaragoza, LoM December

Benjamin Doll (AEGEE-Mainz-Wiesbaden), MoM December


AEGEE-Las Palmas, LoM November

Alin Florin Calin (AEGEE-Wien), MoM November


AEGEE-Genova, LoM October

Mathieu Soete (AEGEE-Leuven), MoM October



Hans-Peter Bretz (AEGEE-Berlin), MoM September

AEGEE-Ioanina, LoM September

Hans-Peter Bretz (AEGEE-Berlin), MoM September


AEGEE-Sofia, LoM August

Identity team members, MoM August


AEGEE-Debrecen, LoM July

Silvija Peric (AEGEE-Zagreb), MoM July



AEGEE-Brussels/Bruxelles, LoM June

AEGEE-Brussel/Bruxelles, LoM June

Paul Smits (AEGEE-Enschede), MoM June


AEGEE-Istanbul, LoM May

Isabel Sodric (AEGEE-Alicante), MoM May


AEGEE-Valletta, LoM April

Alice Bednarova (AEGEE-London), MoM April



Mayiri Tiido (AEGEE-Tartu), MoM March

AEGEE-Patra, LoM March

Mayiri Tiido (AEGEE-Tartu), MoM March


AEGEE-Ankara, LoM February

George Dimitrakopoulos (AEGEE-Patra), MoM February


AEGEE-Eskişehir, LoM January

Stephanie Müller (AEGEE-Heidelberg), MoM January




AEGEE-Budapest, LoM December

Locals and Members of the Month 2012

AEGEE-Budapest, LoM December

Sygrit Andringa (AEGEE-Groningen), MoM December


AEGEE-Leiden, LoM November

Amandine Scocard (AEGEE-Paris), MoM November


AEGEE-Valladolid, LoM October

Hara Kogou (AEGEE-Peiraias). MoM October



Armenak Minasyants (AEGEE-Yerevan), MoM September

AEGEE-Kyïv, LoM September

Armenak Minasyants (AEGEE-Yerevan), MoM September


AEGEE-Peiraias, LoM August

Maurits Korse (AEGEE-Enschede), MoM August


AEGEE-Brescia, LoM July

Fabian Brüggermann (AEGEE- Düsseldorf), MoM July



AEGEE-Utrecht, LoM June

AEGEE-Utrecht, LoM June

Olga Iatsyna (AEGEE-Dnipropetrovsk), MoM June


AEGEE-Brno, LoM May

Sylwia Książek (AEGEE-Warszawa), MoM May


AEGEE-Amsterdam, LoM April

Dorota “Didi” Jaskólska (AEGEE-Toruń), MoM April



Sandra Tena (AEGEE-Castelló), MoM March

AEGEE-Tübingen, LoM March

Sandra Tena (AEGEE-Castelló), MoM March


AEGEE-Tblisi, LoM February

Katja Behrendt, Patrick Kabasci (AEGEE-Aachen) and Thomas Leszke (AEGEE-Köln), MoM February


AEGEE-Katowice, LoM January

Jana Pokorna (AEGEE-Praha), MoM January



Locals and Members of the Month 2011

Edouard Mougin (AEGEE-Lyon), MoM October

AEGEE-Yerevan, LoM September